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Vieka eSQL

eSQL is a small, fast, portable and powerful embedded relational SQL database for Windows and Windows Mobile devices.

Based on excellent database engine sqlite, eSQL provides rich features including:

eSQL database engine has been used by wide variety of applications. It has been included by General Dynamics for the US Navy for use onboard the DDG class of destroyers. It is also being used at Duke Energy and in other branches of the US military.

If you want the convenience of SQL without the size and setup hassles of database servers for your Windows Mobile device, or if you just simply want a best MS Access replacement, eSQL is right for you!

Some screenshots here.

For Pocket PC:

For Smartphone:

For Windows:

eSQL Download

eSQL Help

eSQL documentation.

You can discuss eSQL here if you have any questions and suggestions.

eSQL License

eSQL for Windows is FREE for personal and commercial use.

eSQL for Windows Mobile is FREE for personal use and also FREE for use in any FREE products. Any use of eSQL for Windows Mobile for business or for profit should obtain the license from Vieka.

eSQL for Windows Mobile license key for personal or non-commercial use: 9npphedv7nvxgcpz

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!!! For a limited time for commercial use on Windows Mobile, eSQL is available for a special promotional price.
(All purchases come with one year FREE support)

10 Licenses US$95.00
100 LicensesUS$495.00
Unlimited LicensesUS$895.00

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact